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Achieving sustainability is an important factor to be considered in the architectural design process, there is an important need to consider sustainability in affordable houses design. The research problem is the presence of many affordable houses in Egypt without considering the terms of sustainability, and also the increasing the numbers of these projects in Egypt. By studying the current situation of most affordable houses projects in Egypt, a lack of achieving sustainability requirements appear , which led to the need for an approach to meet these requirements in affordable houses design. The research includes a theoretical study of the sustainability requirements when designing new affordable houses, with concerning about achieving the design requirements for users, considering the project cost and applying the requirements of sustainability to be matching with the local environment. The search includes an analytical study of some international case studies that include some of sustainability applications, determining the advantages and the latest international ideas in the field of sustainable affordable houses. The analytical study includes also a local affordable houses project in Cairo in Egypt identifying the most important shortcomings in sustainability achievement in this project. The research aims to propose an approach to achieve sustainability in the affordable houses design and to be applicable to apply to the projects in Cairo, Egypt, where the research concluded a design approach to achieve sustainability of affordable houses projects in Cairo in Egypt considering of the local factors, matching with local environment and international developments.



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