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Problem Definition: The given situation is pushing urban designer and planner to think of solutions that could help alleviate the threats of the rapid growth repercussions and plan for a better living urban environment. Aim and Objectives:This paper examines the possibility of planning future urban developments through the application of modern sustainable urban models and solution as well as learn from century old environmentally responsive architectural and urban practices. Methodology: This paper will take the Case Study of Al-Diriyah Triangle project in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, a new urban development bordering Wadi Hanifa and neighboring to the historic core of Al-Diriyah and UNESCO World Heritage site of Al-Turaif. The The 90 hectares development is one of Saudi Vision 2030 projects and aims at enhancing the role of Al-Diriyah as a heritage, cultural and entertainment center respecting the historic, environmental and ecological specificities of the sites soft-mobility and green open spaces network to environmental architectural guidelines. Through the case study, the paper will demonstrate urban designers can participate in planning a healthy living environment and improving the wellbeing of urban societies.



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