Maternal Health, Maternal Healthcare Services, Maternal Mortality, Urban-Rural Differences


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The health of urban populations has changed as cities have evolved. As more people worldwide live in cities, it is imperative to understand how urban living enhances population health and well-being. Maternal health is an indicator of global health; a healthy mother can fully participate in economic and social life. This paper discusses and analyses the challenges faced by mothers living in rural areas and aims at identifying the factors that affect maternal mortality among rural communities in Lebanon. This is achieved by gathering data from scientific reports from governmental and nongovernmental organizations. As well as using the statement written by Make Mothers Matter (MMM) for the 62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) that was held on March 2018 at UN headquarters in New York. The conclusion of this study highlights the negative impact of rural living on maternal health and propose solutions to overcome the health inequality between urban and rural areas.



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