Adequate Housing, Social Justice, Lebanese Constitution, Refugees Habitats


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“The right to adequate housing” is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its article (25) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in article 11. Both documents have recognized the right to adequate housing, health and well-being. The classical definition of this right is based on three pillars: security, peace and dignity; however, the right to adequate housing also requires that other conditions should be provided to everyone as affordability of housing, adequate infrastructure, clean water, and sustainable environment. The Lebanese Constitution assures this right since it abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions. Hence, this paper will study the Right to Adequate Housing in Lebanon in general and the situation of refugees’ housing (Palestinian and Syrian) in particular. Moreover, the paper will study the Lebanese urban development policies and how they affect the state of related rights such as right to healthy environment and right to good health and well-being.



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