Breast cancer, Everolimus, Progression free survival, Overall survival, Metastasis


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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide. In Lebanon, hormone positive patients resistant to endocrine treatments account for most of the cases. These two facts directed the attention to evaluate everolimus-exemestane use in hormonal receptor positive metastatic breast cancer patients, in Lebanon. A multi-center, observational, retrospective cohort study was carried out by screening 69 metastatic breast cancer patient’s files in order to determine the progression free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS) and side effects of everolimus. This study revealed that across different therapy lines, the median PFS for patients on everolimus-exemestane combination was 5.87 ± 10.84 months at a median follow up of 5.135 ± 6.375, and the median survival was 23.83 months with minimum and maximum survival, at 0.26 months and 30.5 months, respectively. Everolimus-exemestane has been shown to be effective in overcoming hormonal resistance in Lebanese breast cancer patients. Stomatitis, as a side effect of everolimus, accounted for 30.84% of the cases. Medical intervention, dose modification, dose postponing, drug discontinuation, and spontaneous resolution were used to manage all side effects. In comparison to previous studies, the current work demonstrated lower stomatitis percentages reflecting the preventives measures taken by oncologists. As a conclusion, everolimus-exemestane co-administration has proven to be an effective combination in overcoming hormonal resistance in Lebanon and a better tolerance is attributed to preventive measures in order to control drugs side effects.



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