Traditional healing, tribes, Kenya, Egypt, Socioeconomic, culture, changes, Anthropology, self-perception


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In terms of all the changing orientations and perspectives towards “Traditional Healing” as an activity and professional that might meet with the call of “back to nature”, the present research aims to shed light on the views and perceptions of the one who are truly and totally involved in this practition. By using the comparative method in presenting and analyzing two different cases : the case of a traditional healer from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya and the case of a traditional healer from El Gabaleya tribe in Egypt. Field studies were carried out among both tribes and intensive in depth structured interviews were conducted to the two cases. The research came up with some important results about the social economic and cultural challenges and changes that both healers had to face. Some other results were concerned with Anthropology as a discipline and its unlimited interest and various concerns.



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