Maternal Depression; Counselling, Maternal Well-Being Therapy, Well-Being; Suicidal Thoughts


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Maternal depression during pregnancy appears to be the most common and complicated psychological disorder in the world. Although maternal depression can be treated medically, consumption of antidepressant drugs could leave some kind of negative side effects on mother’s body and the baby in the womb. Therefore, the purpose of the current study is to determine the effectiveness of Maternal Well-being Therapy (MWT) in treating women with maternal depression. It is a qualitative study adapting case study research design. From the state of Johor city of Malaysia, four pregnant women who has scored 12 or more with suicidal thoughts symptoms on EPDS are identified and all the other volunteered women are at 3rd Tri-semester of pregnancy during the first session. Instrument such as Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), Short Form 36-Item Health Survey (SF-36) and Maternal Well-being Therapy (MWT) was administrated in this research. Maternal Well-being Therapy has been very effective in treating women with maternal depression and suicidal thoughts. Results indicates that depression level has decreased from 33.33% to 43.33%, well-being has increased around 36% to 52% and no suicidal thoughts found after the first session of counselling. By the end of third session, all clients were ready for termination of sessions since no depression and suicidal thoughts traced, in which, all the women found to be with good emotional well-being. Maternal Well-being Therapy (MWT) has shown a favourable result in treating woman with maternal depression. In conjunction to this, more research should be done using counselling therapy as a treatment option in treating maternal depression.



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