Volume 4, Issue 1 (2022)

Dr. Osama Mohamed Omar, Associate Professor of Architecture - Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment - Beirut Arab University

Globalization today is characterized by rapid changes, risks and uncertainties, growing inequality, trade tensions and financial fragilities, environmental degradation and disasters, climate change and economic slowdown.

Innovative solutions to real-life challenges are created through Creative Sustainable Development Journal. This involves combining knowledge and skills from various disciplines such as Architecture, Interior Design, Dental, and Business administration. Despite its importance in promoting transformations towards ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable environments, this novel field of multidisciplinary research encounters a gap in literature addressing the intersection between creativity and sustainability.

It is my great privilege and pleasure to introduce first issue in volume four of the Journal which is dedicated to creativity, innovative ideas and provides a platform for inter and multidisciplinary collaborations on sustainable development. As the guest editor, I am delighted to see diverse range of research articles with special focus on the following topics: thermal comfort of outdoor playgrounds to achieve kid’s thermal comfort, the effect of macro-economic on private banking sector, the impact of analyzing big data on supply chain management, the reflect of public debt on infrastructure in Arab countries, the role of the knowledge economy in economic growth, corporate social responsibility, innovative technics to evaluate the effectiveness of beta tri-calcium phosphate plus calcium sulfate mix in Periodontics and Periodontology discipline, COVID-19 pandemic in indoor spaces to reach COVID-Friendly, healthy sustainable environment. It is very clear now that the journal is more renowned in its fourth publication year, with scholars and case studies from different countries. This is an important indicator that the journal is getting a wider recognition from the international scientific community.

These papers present a wide range of perspectives to help us gain a better understanding of creative and sustainable ideas from the perspective of a university as a leader of SDG-9: innovation, industrial, and infrastructure, under the UNESCO auspices of the International Association of Universities.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the authors for sharing their expertise and insights in this fascinating and novel field of study. A special thank you is also extended to the reviewers who contributed to the review process. This publication would not be possible without these reviewers, the editorial board, the publisher, and everyone who contributed to it.



El-Bastawissi Y. Ibtihal and Youssef Maged

Guest Editor

Dr. Osama Mohamed Omar
Associate Professor of Architecture - Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment
Beirut Arab University