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This preview is about a few of the fabulous flora and heritage of Mount Hermon, Lebanon. It is one of the deliverables of the Beirut Arab University’s project “Assessment of Flora Biodiversity of Hermon Mountain, Lebanon” that offers a glance of the botanical excursions of the authors and their collaborators over the last three years.

This preview shows only a few species of the flora identified during the work to give an idea about a few fascinating and rare species of Hermon Mountain in Lebanon (see Arnold et al., 2015). Each species is briefly described and accompanied by its distribution in the country, habitat and altitudinal level where it was observed in the mountain, flowering time and use. All photos have been taken by the research team.

Plant identification and nomenclature were based on the New Flora of Lebanon and Syria” (Mouterde 1966, 1970, 1983). Synonyms and plant family delimitation followed Euro+Med (2006-) as far as published, and Greuter & al. (1984, 1986, 1989, 2008), with

Compositae (Greuter & al. 2008) adapted to Asteraceae, and family classification of Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 2009 (APG III, 2009) given if deviating. Botanical description was supplemented with details from the Flora of Cyprus (Meikle,1977 and 1985), Flora of Syria, Palestine and Sinai (Post,1838-1909), Illustrated Flora of Lebanon (Tohme and Tohme, 2014), Flora Palaestina (Zohary, 1966-1986), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands (Davis, 1965-1985).

It is hoped that this preview will inspire the continuation of the project towards the development of a complete illustrated checklist of this Lebanese patrimony.



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Beirut Arab University


Bekaa, Lebanon


Flora Biodiversity, Heritage, Rare Species, Hermon Mountain, Vegetation, Ecosystem


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A GLANCE AT THE WILD FLORA OF MOUNT HERMON LEBANON - Beirut Arab University - Research Center for Environment and Development