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Utopias envision perfect societies, however in practice, when imperfect humans attempt perfection they fail miserably. Hence, if Utopia means no place, then Autopia is the alternative place where progress is steadfast and measured by securing a better world for tomorrow. In 2012, the UN issued a report stating that population growth will increase exponentially, reaching up to 9 billion by 2040. The report also states that melted ice due to global warming will eventually cover up to 7% of the world’s land. At this rate, humans will require three times the earth’s land area to keep up with their required resources, otherwise they will be faced with the scarcity of all resources. If nations are overwhelmed with problems of scarcity, then more conflicts will arise. Therefore, it seems that either war or the environment will be the causes of humans’ downfall, making us all competitors in our fight for survival. Therefore, this research aims to explore automation and design strategies of mobility hubs of the futures to achieve self-sustained cities, in an attempt to secure a more humane world for all. It assumes that such technological applications and cybernetics will have the humans’ and environmental concerns at heart. To achieve this aim, the paper used a scientific methodology, based on literature review by analyzing the potential of one case study near the sea, through exploring methods of visual thinking documented by sketches, computational design, and advanced simulation. As a conclusion emphasizing automation as a mean to liberate man from his daily survival needs in order to pursue higher goals and knowledge, which will achieve a society with equal abundance and equity for all.





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