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This study analyzes the factors that influence political participation. These factors include: political information efficacy, political interest, community engagement, political party affiliation and perceived congruence. Moreover, this study addresses the mediating role of perceived congruence on the relationship between political interest, community engagement and political participation. A quantitative survey method was used and structured questionnaire was administered to a convenience sample of 412 respondents. The findings of this study revealed that political interest, community engagement, and political party affiliation have a positive effect on political participation. In addition, the results indicated that perceived congruence has no direct or mediate effect on political participation. The current study enhances marketing literature to understand political behaviors under unusual political situations. In contrast, this research supports both political parties and governments for better understanding the factors that influence political participation which guide them to fulfill their political marketing objectives and gain citizens’ support.


Political information efficacy, political interest, community engagement, perceived congruence, political participation

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