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Metacognitive Self-evaluation Techniques in EFL Classrooms


metacognitive skills, self-regulated learning, self-evaluation techniques, EFL in Lebanon


Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature


This study aims to examine whether the use of metacognitive self-assessment helps English as a foreign language (EFL) students to improve their metacognition. The study implemented an intervention technique on 540 students in Grades Four to Nine in a private school in Beirut. Students had to evaluate their performance on English tests in relation to their study skills and preparation. The four EFL teachers included students' study skills self-evaluation statements at the end of the English tests in the first term of 2019-2020 and responded to five questions to evaluate the intervention. Their responses indicated that younger learners were more responsive to the questions than those in the upper grades, and the students who responded were of all performance levels. Moreover, more students responded to the questions with time, and their evaluation of their performane on the tests became more accurate with time. Recommenadations to develop the learners' metacognitive skills were made accordingly.



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