Separated at the age of three months from his sick mother following a depression and attempted suicide, Charles Juliet only discovered her existence at her funerals seven years later. It took him many more years to relate the tragedy experienced by this woman to the policy of extermination which, under the occupation, caused the death by starvation in psychiatric institutions. Between 1983 and 1995, the novel was accompanied by a hard biographical investigation; the writer attempted to uncover the mystery of his own depths and the origins of his own story: he came out enlightened on the feeling of guilt he was gnawing at him obscurely and forbidding him to adhere to life, with which he could now reconcile himself. The story offers itself as a tribute to the two mothers of the writer; the one who gave him the day and the one who tenderly raised him. It is structured in two parts, one giving to read the biography of the biological mother and the other the autobiography of the son.


Charles Juliet, autobiographie, biographie, fiction, trauma



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