La malédiction a novel by hyam Yared, tells the story of Hala, a Lebanese catholic, who will fight until the last moment in a male society under the Syrian tutelage for her freedom and the recognition of her femininity. Hala, with her suffering resembles Lebanon, which in turn demands its freedom; each of them is convicted to pain, violence and humiliation. Hala, in this novel, is the reflection of image of Beirut the victim of the usurpation, and the only solution is the self-destruction. As a result of the similarity between Hala and Beirut which was destroyed by the civil war, how was shown in this novel the hate of women in a society caught in a culture that decomposes inequality in its texts and laws and make rape of women's rights a legitimate rule. So, we will study the religion's look and the society for women first, and the similarity between the occupied country and the women's body second, and finally Beirut's image, the usurped city, as a reflection of battered women. Finally, this novel invites the Lebanese reader who knows about the proximity of his homeland conflicts, to be aware of the injustice prevalent in society, and the sexual discrimination legislator in the laws and women's preference. And this novel invites the reader to wonder about the violence of society and politics, which even in times of peace, makes violence an essential element of the system's implementation in society and encourages silence, ignorance and forgetfulness.


Corps de femme, patrie, guerre, autorité, société



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