Language creativity in incorporated in everyday conversations and language behaviour. It is present in everyday expression although it might sometimes be invisible, looked down on or disdained. Regardless of whether we are in favour of or against this creativity, it is worth being recognised. As far as Lebanon is concerned, Arabic (i.e. Standard Arabic) is the official language, while Lebanese Arabic, along with English and French, are the main languages used by the Lebanese. This language diversity can be explained in the light of a number of factors and sociolinguistic functions. The language use in Lebanon has many creative aspects such as nativization, code switching, word coinage, Arabizi and transliteration. This paper, therefore, aims to explore the creative innovations introduced by the speakers to meet the needs of the speech community and to fulfil certain sociolinguistic functions in a variety of domains.


Language creativity, code-switching, borrowing, nativization, transliteration, Arabizi



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