The current French literature is experiencing a tremendous renewal in all areas. At the beginning of the 21st century we are witnessing a great tendency of writing about oneself. This has created novel forms such as autofiction. The term is invented by Serge Doubrovsky in 1977. It is presented as a new version of the autobiography which takes as its subject the individual story of the subject of writing. There is a certain permeability between autobiography and autofiction. It is the fictional side of narrated events that differentiates between the two genres. Sorj Chalandon's novel 'Profession of the Father' (winner of the Style Award in 2015), is a "fictional autobiography", in which the author narrates his miserable childhood. The author recounts his life with a sick father and a submissive mother, and describes his tough relationship with his family. To detect reality in fiction is our goal. The researcher attempts to discuss the symptoms of paranoia, as they appear in Emile's father. Moreover, analysis of the historical context of the novel confirms the real dimension in this novel and comes to the conclusion that reality prevails over fiction.


Sorj Chalandon, autofiction, autobiographie, histoire, paranoïa



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