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Liability of COVID19 carrier, Criminal liability, responsibility of COVID19 transmitter, intentional COVID19 transmitter, unintentional COVID19 transmitter by fault, sanctions imposed.


Criminal Law | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


Since the spread of COVID-19, all governments tried to cape with this international pandemic which was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March, 11 as a pandemic. Lebanese ministry of health, recommended in a statement issued on 21.03.2020 the date of the beginning of COVID-19 spread, that all of individuals with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 be quarantined at home and those who don’t follow the preventive precautions will be legally punished. On 04.03.2020 the Lebanese ministry of health issued an announcement no. 42 about “defining COVID-19 cases which are classified as transmitted and infectious diseases cases which should be announced within 24 hours. COVID-19 carrier will be considered responsible for transmitting the infection in case he did not follow the preventive measures among which contacting people before he is cured. The problematic is as follows: What is the criminal liability of COVID-19 carrier in case he transmitted the infection to others by default or on purpose? What are the legal effects attached to this responsibility?



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