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Stress and Coping among Undergraduate Health Professions Students


stress; coping; medicine; dentistry; pharmacy; health sciences; students; Lebanon


Medicine and Health Sciences


Introduction: Stress, whether real or perceived, is prevalent among young adults (18-24 years), with prevalence increasing. Previous research has identified and defined many coping mechanisms in response to stress among health professions students.

Aims: This study aims at measuring perceived stress and exploring both sources of stress and coping strategies in undergraduate health professions students.

Materials and Methods: A total of 427 (88.9% response rate) surveys were collected from the various faculties from across health professions faculties at Beirut Arab University (BAU). Surveys consisted of the Brief COPE Inventory (BCI) and the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and were distributed via the systematic sampling method.

Results: There was no significant difference between perceived stress scores across faculties, with stress levels falling within a moderate stress range. Females (M=22, SD=6) demonstrated higher stress means than males (M=18, SD=6) across faculties. Junior students, except for pharmacy students, were more likely to use both approach-based and avoidance-based stratagems in comparison to their seniors. However, the differences were insignificant. Stress did not seem to decrease with seniority with any significance across all faculties. Coping stratagems were consistent across all years, leaning towards approach-based mechanisms.

Conclusion: Moderate stress levels were observed across all health professions faculties at BAU, and stress levels did not seem to attenuate with passing academic years. It is imperative to optimize student support systems on campus, and encourage students to seek help whenever needed.



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