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knowledge and attitude to common cold


Common cold; Knowledge; Attitude; Beirut; Lebanon


Clinical Epidemiology | Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Health


Background Common cold is a self- limiting condition targeting the upper respiratory tract. Even though it resolves on its own yet it accounts for 40% of absentees from work and a large number of visits to the physician clinic. The most common sign and symptoms include sore throat, coryza, runny nose or congestion, muscle pain, and sometimes cough. Symptomatic treatment of this minor ailment can be either by herbal products or over the counter drugs. Nevertheless, it is always mistaken for Influenza or bacterial infection. The proper knowledge of this condition could prevent mistreatment and would keep the country’s resources intact. Accordingly, the aim of the current study is to assess the knowledge and attitude of a sample of the Lebanese population on the common cold. Method A cross-sectional descriptive questionnaire-based study was performed in Beirut area. The questionnaire was divided into three parts that included demographic information, as well as knowledge and attitude questions. Results were considered significant when P-value was ≤ 0.05 with a confidence interval of 95%. Results Three hundred eighty-five adult Lebanese participants were enrolled in the study. The youngest age group was more knowledgeable on common cold than the elderly. Moreover, Ph.D. holders scored the highest on the knowledge score (6.71/10). Alarmingly, 14.8% of the tested sample still use antibiotics as soon as their cold symptoms start. Around 88% of the participants believed that the Ministry of Public Health should be involved to ensure the understanding of this condition in Lebanon. Conclusion The role of all health care providers as well as their orders and the Ministry of Public Health is to ensure proper education on the common cold by conducting awareness campaigns.



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