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Multidisciplinary integrated teaching of respiratory diseases


curriculum, laboratory data, pharmacology, respiratory, integration


Curriculum and Instruction | Health and Physical Education


Laboratory data course has been designed in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Beirut Arab University to build and develop the basic skills needed in the analysis and interpretation of laboratory test results to ultimately ensure safety and effectiveness of the patient’s treatment regimen. The aim of this study is to describe and evaluate the impact of a multidisciplinary module integration, customized by pharmacology, laboratory data and pharmacotherapeutics disciplines, in teaching asthma and COPD pharmacotherapy on the third level Beirut Arab University pharmacy students’ knowledge acquisition and satisfaction. Following the completion of an integrated approach, third year pharmacy students (N= 92) were recruited to participate in filling close-ended questionnaire based on 5-point Likert scale. One-sample t-test was conducted in the statistical results of Likert scale. The strength of the relationship between the students' performance (represented by grade point average, GPA) in laboratory data, pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics was determined using Spearman's Rho Correlation. Statistical analysis of students’ evaluation identified a positive feedback on the integrated module, which significantly contributed to their enhanced performance in the subsequent pharmacotherapeutics course. Spearman's Rho coefficient analysis revealed a moderate positive and statistically significant correlation between laboratory data and pharmacotherapeutics GPAs (rs(86)=.38, pp<.05). The integrated module was well-appreciated as an effective way of asthma and COPD pharmacotherapy learning by third year pharmacy students. Nevertheless, findings of the present study identified the insufficient allotted time for pharmacology I as a shortcoming of the multidisciplinary integrated module, underscoring an urgent need of fine-tuning of the curriculum.The integrated module was well-appreciated as an effective way of asthma and COPD pharmacotherapy learning by third year pharmacy students.The introduction of laboratory data as an integrative discipline greatly helped the students apply the integrated knowledge in the pharmacotherapeutics course.

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