Hospital, Child perception, Evidence Based Design, Architectural heritage, sensory appraisal


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Mustapha Pacha hospital is one of the oldest health services of Africa. It was constructed as a shelter of injured soldiers in the 19th century during the Ottoman Regency. It has a stratigraphy of more than two centuries. Its final planning was held by Jules Voinot in and with the Champs de Manoeuvre Algiers city extension, at the beginning of the 20th. Having a ward configuration, neither its organization nor its functional basics spatial use did change, regarding the demographical or the technical needs. It is integrated in the city and vice-versa. The research takes as a case study the Children Clinical Medical Unit. It is one of the first wards of the hospital which receives more than 300 children each day. The objective of this research is to evaluate the spatial sensory criteria of children in the Clinical Medical Unit through Evidence Based Design approach. This approaches consists to evaluate the impact of spaces on child welfare. This research combines three steps:First, data collection regrouping historical insights regarding the unit. Second the observation of the spatial paths hospitalization of children. Third, a photo elicitation semi structured interview in order to evaluate the main lived spaces. The outcomes will contribute to healthcare facilities refurbishment operation on sensory spatial appraisals through taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. The study will impact the healthcare facilities architecture in Algeria and expose the need of the expertise concerns regarding the sensitive aspects of ancient healthcare architecture and architectural sensory appraisals.



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