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the research here tries to expose the less desired habit and attitude patterns and believes promoted by the studio culture, developed mainly to keep up with the stressful and demanding workload. The resulted figures reflect the negative impact it has on the students’ health and wellbeing. The research also provides insights into the current students’ flow pattern, revealing the occurrence likelihood of the most stimulating, relieving and enduring mental state that might help maintain positive engagement with the act of creation emotionally, psychological; and physically. A qualitative research is carried out in the context of the faculty of architecture, design and built environment, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon. In this study, the literature about the studio culture, hidden curriculum and the flow aided drafting the outline of a survey conducted among a sample of 303 undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 24 attending the same faculty. factual information about the students’ wellbeing is then linked to their expected mental disorder risks, providing an overview and summary of key analytical points of the survey. The findings place a question mark over the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the next generation of architects.



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