multimedia; wellbeing; public health awareness, nutrition, physical heath.


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Wellbeing is generally understood as the quality of people’s lives. Promoting well-being and public health awareness involves understanding and addressing adults as well as children and young people. The effect of wellbeing education programs on children depends on the method and style in which the information is transmitted. In spite of many conventional methods like small group discussions, large school assemblies, or lecture workshops are addressed, initiative steps could be taken developing a multimedia packages that would be able to assist children in increasing their knowledge and awareness on public health and wellbeing. This paper reports the findings of using multimedia packages in increasing the knowledge and perceived awareness of children on nutrition and physical health. The study was conducted with a sample of 30 children aged 10 – 12 years, traditional Lectures and discussions were held for 15 children (the traditional lectures group), while Multimedia packages program was applied to the other 15 children (Post-test group), both for 4 sessions over a period of 4 weeks. It was found that the children’s nutrition & physical health perception and health-promoting behavior scores were higher at a significant level in the Post-test group. In particular, health-promoting behavior scores in the Post-test group were higher by 21%. The results indicate that nutrition & physical health perception and promoting health behaviors among children was increased after they were exposed to multimedia applications. The aim of this paper is to empower users and decision makers to make informed technological choices and to actively participate in the exploitation and developing of Multimedia programs in the health sector.



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