Calcined Clay, Activity Index, Natural Pozzolan, Metakaolin)


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The purpose of this research was to evaluate a kaolin clay obtained from local Lebanese source after being subjected to thermal treatment. A sample of kaolin clay was collected from local resources and subjected to a treatment process for enhancing its pozzolanic properties. The treated sample was characterized through testing procedure as per ASTM C311. It was found that the physical and chemical properties were in compliance with the relevant ASTM C618 standard. This indicates that the proposed treatment succeeded in developing and exhibiting the pozzolanic activity of the end product. The activity index test of the treated samples was investigated to verify the quality and performance of the end product which was found to be satisfactory. Therefore, the treated product is accepted to be classified as natural Pozzolan as per ASTM C618. The potential of producing Metakolin in Lebanon is of high importance due to its availability in large quantities. Moreover, it might be used to replace part of the Portland cement to reduce the CO2 emi ssion and energy consumption resulting from the cement production.



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