Earth energy, Geopathic stress, Radiesthesia, BioGeometry, Urban design


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Architecture was and still a vital need in our life; in very ancient times, it represented a human’s shelter from his surroundings. Architecture then along became the source of the human comfort along with the progress of the civilizations. To achieve that human comfort it was necessary for architecture to react harmoniously with its environment. Therefore, certain considerations like Social, constructional, environmental have been assigned to Architecture. Modern architecture has neglected a natural inevitable consideration: "The Earth's Energy" which is a natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, resulting from of the melted iron in the earth's core. That energy have many types and formation, such as Lines, Grids, spots…etc. Modern researches proved that each type affecting Humans and the Environment differently. The human body also has many kinds of energy. Modern science defines the energy of the human body as an electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates it. Therefore, there is a continuous interaction between humans and the earth. This research intended to focus on and demonstrate the Earth's Energy types and formations, and measurements used tools. In addition, the research suggesting a methodology of Designing Urban Spaces according to the Earth’s Energy structure in the site, to provide better lives in Cities.



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