Food safety, indicators of food safety, reducing hunger, methodology, developing countries.


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Food security is an important need in developing countries. Many countries tried to attract external investment to improve the development and reduce the problem of hunger. Many types of research showed that not all foreign direct investments have the same effect on domestic welfare. Therefore, a question arises: how do capital flows affect the food security in the developing countries? In addition, how do these flows relate to the political situation and stability in the beneficiary countries? Based on the above, a research will be developed to redefine the definition of food security as a multidimensional concept also discovering different types of foreign capitals for different types of food security. In this research, various indicators of food security recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to test this problem will be shown, in addition to these indicators, an economic data about a foreign direct investment of 71 developing countries and transition countries between 1981 and 2007 will be used for this issue. The analysis in this research is based on the previous findings regarding the differentiated impacts of FDI on specific sectors related to food security, this research will also provide a new indication that different aspects of food security respond quite differently to the same stimulus—globalization. This research contributes to the global policy dialogue on reducing hunger. In the end, this research will help in the long argument about dependency and modernization that inform the contemporary discussion between the pro and anti-globalization camps.



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