Community Livability, Impoverished areas, Poverty, Quality of Life, Wellbeing, Upgrading, Strategy.


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Impoverished areas represent the worst of urban poverty, inequality and intolerable difficulties concerning the quality of life of the wellbeing. A person is impoverished when there is deprivation of strength, vitality and liveliness. Poor societies are conscious of their deficiency of power and independence which subject them to mistreatment; they express about pain brought by their inevitable violation of social norms and inability to fully participate in community life. The concept of livability and its strong link with sense of community is essential; it is the sum of factors that add up the community’s quality of life including the built and natural environment, economic prosperity, and social stability. This p a p e r f o c u s e s o n the existing problems in impoverished areas that represent the most unbearable complications concerning quality of life of the inhabitants. Therefore, this paper aims to provide community livability strategies in local and international regions for upgrading quality of life in impoverished areas. The fourth largest city in Lebanon, Tyre and Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin, comprises impoverished areas that experience a deep social and economic exclusion and are mostly inhabited by refugees, homeless children, and fragmented families. This paper analyzes the case studies to add spatiality to understanding of vulnerabilities. Thus, the paper deducts checklists based on the livability factors to check the community livability in impoverished areas. Consequently, livability and sense of community are different for the poor since satisfaction with quality of life of the impoverished increases significantly by gentrifying the area.



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