Urban Planning, Health and Wellbeing, Informal settlements, Slums, Sustainability


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The notion of health and wellbeing issues in urban areas has triggered genuine advances in research and applications striving to achieve valid sustainable outcomes for living environments. According to the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference held in Bonn, Germany, the world is becoming attentive to depending on sustainable policies and practices which are supported in several international environmental agreements and conferences that were initially held to tackle the issue of global warming, economy crisis and social equity. This research addresses one of the most compelling problems in Lebanon; informal settlements and the vice of sustainability and related health and wellbeing issues. The research focuses on Al-Ouzai area as a living example of all disintegrated realities in a residential dense settlement. This is an exploratory study that utilizes available secondary data and some primary ones based on observations done in 2017/18. The aim is to furnish a strong base for a future in-depth investigation in the area that is planned to take place in the following year through NCRS. The research utilizes a comprehensive SWOT analysis approach that covers the basic elements of sustainable development thus furnishing basis for future research and planning intervention in the area.



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