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Egypt has a capacity of more than fifteen ports, situated on both the Mediterranean and the Red sea, with a totalarea of around 518 Km2. They are either commercial, or specialized ports which includes Mining Ports ,Petroleum Ports, Tourist Ports, Fishing Ports and Berths. The main Egyptian commercial ports are Alexandria,El Dekheila, Damietta, El Arish, West Port Said, East Port Said, Suez, Petroleum Dock, Adabiya, Sokhna Port, Hurghada, Safaga, El Tour, Nuweiba and Sharm El Sheikh. Establishing a methodology for shifting Egyptian Ports into sustainable green ports is of a major benefit as it incorporates a balance between environmental, social and economic concerns. It establishes guiding principles to achieve long-term environmental, societal and economic benefits through resource conservation, waste reduction and pollution prevention. Applying Sustainable Green Port Policy achieves the Port’s environmental sustainability goals through six key areas: water, energy, air, waste management, sustainable development and sustainable business practices. The main objectives should effectively: manage resources in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner; minimize, environmental impacts directly attributable to operations on the Port's Bay and the tidelands; prevent pollution and improve personal, community, and environmental health and ensure a balance of environmental, social and economic development. This methodology could be considered a guideline to shift both the Middle East and Africa ports into sustainable green ports.



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