Indoor air quality, Low-emission materials, Contaminant products, Residential spaces, Greenlabeled materials


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The interior design field faces a technological breakthrough in the development of materials and methods of usage and implementation, which requires great attention for supportive studies The aim of this research is to improve indoor air quality by using lowemission materials with control and rationing the use of contaminant products in residential spaces And because human is the goal of every development and has the right to live in a healthy environment and healthy spaces, and mainly the success of any interior designer in all about taking care of this purpose that depends on the professional control and harnessing the available possibilities to achieve this benefit and prevent pollutants that may affect and cause a threat to human health Therefore it was necessary for professional interior designers and researches the interest to turn to the technological study of new materials and identifying their properties, advantages and disadvantages, characteristics and toxicity, and defining the standards to use these materials so as to be in conformist with the good and healthy environment The expected results of this research are to achieve the major goal of good and practical interior design with low emission using requirements to meet the referenced standards of green labeled materials that are generally widely available in the market, and to develop the other necessary contaminant products and materials that are currently and generally used by controlling and rationing usage of these contamination's that negatively affect the indoor air quality and the human health in residential spaces.



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