Corruption, Economic Growth, Corruption measurements, Systematic Literature Review, Impact of corruption.


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The relationship between corruption and economic growth is complex and has been extensively studied. Till recent days it is still one of the most genuine political challenges that all countries face. Even though anti-corruption measures have improved, they still lack consistency and clarity. Accordingly, this paper reviews the extant literature on this issue, by examining 66 research papers on the impact of corruption on economic growth. The study was aided by analysis of the theme Corruption and economic growth identified in the present literature. Impact of Corruption on economic growth has been tested in multiple studies utilizing time series, panel, and cross-sectional data for various time periods and locations. Although most empirical research has supported the idea that corruption has a considerable impact on economic growth, others have demonstrated that corruption has no significant impact on economic growth. The study draws its conclusions from a variety of investigations. The literature identified that depending on the circumstances, corruption can have both good and bad consequences on economic growth. Besides, the impact of corruption on economic growth varies per country, and time period under consideration based on a variety of characteristics such as economic development, political system, and legal system.

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