Big data, supply chain management, Big Data: 5 V’s, Value Chain, and Analytical Tools.


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It is the era of digital information technology where almost everything is going smart. Thus, organizations move towards digitalization that cause the emergent of Big Data. Analyzing big data is the big challenge today. Being smart puts the world under a big challenge to adapt, change, and upgrade systems to analyze the Big Data using the high technology. Challenges are growing with the market and appears in different forms. Many of these challenges can be hard or difficult to handle on your own if you are a small to medium size business without the help of supply chain management system. The main objective of this paper is to contribute and examine these research questions: What are the Big Data Analytical tools used in SCM? In addition to the Impact of Analyzing Big Data on Supply Chain Management? The methodology used was a systematic review over the existing literature including Big Data, supply chain, SCM, and the impact of BD analytical tools on SCM. Data collected and unsystematically interpreted and the findings summarized in a subjective way that describes and discusses the literature from a contextual or theoretical point of view. Big data can tremendously affect the supply chain units and can add values to the overall supply chain operations by improving the processes to be more effective and efficient based on the analysis results. Big data analytics become a core differentiation factor for any organization that acquire it in the last few years.

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