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The Feasibility of Using the Phenomenological Approach to Revive the Marine Heritage in Bahrain.


Sustainability, phenomenological, Marine, Bahrain, Cultural Values.


Architecture | Business | Engineering | Life Sciences


The strategic location of Bahrain and its wealthy marine and coastal environment were the main drivers for the country’s flourishment before the discovery of oil. For a long time, Bahrain has functioned as a pioneer maritime trade center and represented a significant trade transit route between the east and west that transfers the affluent marine productions. This mainly formed an eminent cultural heritage for the country reflected within its inveterate maritime history and the authentic bond between the Bahraini grandparents and the sea. Unfortunately, along with the life evolution, this bond became weak and the biodiversity of the country’s marine life and coastal environment become threatened due to different human harmful practices such as irregular fishing patterns, waste thrown into the sea, etc.

These problems are majorly caused by the low awareness level of humans toward the marine environment and are mainly pressuring and deteriorating its biodiversity while also negatively affecting its sustainability by limiting its creature’s growth and polluting its sea. Therefore, the responsibility of reconnecting the public with marine life and increasing their level of awareness on such issues is ours. This research paper will mainly address the connection between the Bahraini people, sea, and port by touching its history and current environmental situation. It also suggests and analyzes the feasibility of using the phenomenological approach as a solution for developing a new marine seafront heritage in Bahrain whis is an approach that mainly creates existential spaces through sensory qualities which are the vision, audial, touch, hearing, taste, and smell, which therefore evokes a more emotional experience while also considering the post pandemic effect of the public space.

The research will also address a questionnaire survey that was conducted with 150 people living in Bahrain to investigate the psychological and social behaviors, and demands of Bahrain’s community to determine the importance of developing such areas within the country as centers that revive marine life and raises a public call for saving and preserving the marine life, to ensures that these traditional maritime practices are passed to the future generation along with a more appropriate marine environmental condition.





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