Parks, Sustainability, Cultural and social developing, economic return.


Architecture | Engineering | Environmental Design | Landscape Architecture


Theme parks offer various types of entertainment that compete in both local and international markets. They include attractions, rides, arcade games, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Over the years, the industry has been growing due to the increasing tourism rates. Designing a project like an indoor theme park would increase tourism rates, leading to a boost in the country’s economic status. The success of a theme park depends highly on the demand and user’s selection of the theme. The setting and location also play a vital role in the success of the park. The purpose of this research is to introduce an innovative way of educating localities and regionalists about the country’s culture. Moreover, this idea of having Theme Parks will support the Sustainable Development solutions in Bahrain, which will change the perspective to use water frontage and comply with Bahrain Vision 2030.





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