big data, data analytics, customer-centric, sustainability.




Due to the huge progress in technology particularly the internet, people around the globe are generating huge amount of data that reflects their personal and unique behaviors. The analytics of big data that has facilitated capturing this rich data on customer in real time helped shifting the business model of banks towards customers. In parallel, nowadays customers are more aware of the need to safeguard the planet for the future generations and are exerting pressures on businesses including banks to become green and sustainable banks. Although banking industry has adopted sustainable development to save its reputation globally that has been hit by recurrent financial crisis. However, banks strategies on sustainability do not focus directly on customers. The aim of this paper is to introduce and define big data, customer centricity and sustainability in the banking industry and map the need to leverage on big data and intertwine sustainable perspective to personalized services and marketing function by Lebanese banks to be able to survive fierce competition and to move towards customer experience management that ensure banks sustainable competitive differentiation needed to achieve sustainable performance and growth in an era of digital transformation that may disrupt the industry business model. This study developed a framework that introduces a relationship between big data, data analytics, customer centricity, sustainability and performance for Lebanese bank.



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