Prehistoric-Archeological Sites, Built-Environment, Geography, Archeology, Architecture.


Archaeological Anthropology | Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Human Geography | Nature and Society Relations | Physical and Environmental Geography


Since Prehistoric times, architecture had been a human response to an occurring natural setting. Starting from places of dwelling to buildings that no longer only serve physical requirements for survival. Architectural languages were approached initially as an expression of culture, evolution, and growth of a community within a natural setting. This response resulted in the creation of built environments, humanity’s decision to become sedentary. This decision took place in the Late Stone age, a key phase in our timeline. First built environments were born in a time known as the Neolithic revolution, which shown itself as humans transitioned from hunter-gatherer societies to agrarian based ones. Once Nature shaped man, now man shapes nature. We observe the dynamic created between man the hosting setting. While observing this two sided complex operating system through revisiting prehistoric archeological sites, we can notice how various geographic zones birthed a diversity of built environments. However, by observing the paradigm of duality in our modern world, we can see neglected neighborhoods and cities, and more importantly that we failed to fulfill our fair part of shaping our natural setting and this reflected on the state of our communities as well. By repossessing how to be geographically specific in architecture, we can set the parameters to architectural planning that includes nature as a co-partner and as a result attempt to improve the well-being of our neglected communities.





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