Human Resources Management Practices, Employee Engagement, Systematic Review


Business | Human Resources Management | Performance Management


The relationship between Human Resources Management Practices (HRMP) and employee engagement has gained significant attention form scholars. Despite the importance of HRMP and its influence on employee engagement in the industry, little research has been done in terms of cultivating a systematic literature review in the subject area. Therefore, this paper aims to present a systematic literature review of articles based on forty highly ranked journals during the period of 1990 to 2017. The paper investigates the historical developments of Human Resources Management (HRM), HRMP, and employee engagement in order to present the conceptual evolvement and elaboration of the relationship between HRMP, and employee engagement. The literature highlighted that properly implementing HRMP influences employee engagement, and how this relationship positively affects the overall performance. In this term, a proposed framework is presented. Finally, the research limitations and avenues for future researchers are provided.





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