3D Modelling, Adaptive reuse, Digital technologies, Architectural heritage, Interior Architecture.


Architectural Technology | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Interior Architecture


Due to the rapid progress in the digital technology, using 3D modelling and augmented reality in architecture, now we can transform, create qualitative and sustainable changes in the interior architecture of our architectural heritage, to achieve sustainable cities, this study of the interior architectural solutions developed between architectural heritage, digital registration processes, and parametric construction and fabrication systems. Also using of Information Systems in recording and documenting buildings and archaeological areas.

It helps in designing through computer systems “Virtual Reality” to determine methods of conservation and dealing with archaeological areas and buildings. Using information networks to exchange information globally and locally on urban heritage and methods of preserving and dealing with it this progress in the digital technologies, minimize the construction, adaptive reuse and conservation costs.

This study describes the different ways and benefits of using the digital technology, which can tailor materials, styles and functions into bespoke building components with a new notion of materiality, style and function in interior architectural transformation projects of buildings with heritage values. The study addresses the adaptive reuse of interior architecture of our architectural heritage through the latest digital technology methods in treatment of the architectural heritage while maintaining the relationship between the technical value of old and modern.





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