Multimedia, Interactivity, Virtual Reality, User Interface, 3D Printing, Animation, 3D Display.


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Graphic design has a rich history as a creative practice, which connects different design elements to build effective message. It combines typography and visual elements like Illustrations or photos to create a visual message, graphic design is considered as an important branch in the modern communication technology. Graphic design nowadays has becoming more advanced and moves from the static phase to the dynamic phase which includes unlimited technologies like virtual reality, 3D motion and interactivity, which becomes one of the important factors that affects the successes of the visual communication or the message that has to be sent via the design, where interactive design is the management and meaningful transferring of information through different media as its the intersection point between graphic design, different media and technologies. This interaction in design will affects positively the perception of the design by the target audience especially if it was scientifically studied based on the target audience’s criteria.





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