Community participation, waterfront spaces, Mediterranean countries, participatory approach


Architecture | Business | Engineering | Life Sciences


Public participation is an important tool for communities to influence development decisions for public spaces in general and waterfronts in particular. In coastal cities, waterfronts are an important touristic attraction and are affected by social and economic issues. Users’ activities and responsiveness to waterfront projects are affected by the development types and methods. This study is part of ongoing research aiming to evaluate the participatory approach methods in the waterfronts of Mediterranean cities. It examines three coastal cities that have developed differently based on sustainable development studies. This study is a top–down approach that investigates the applied phases and methods of participation and evaluates these involvements after comparison with the preferred phases and methods. This paper uses qualitative and quantitative methods, which are based on analysis of social studies about participation priorities. It uses methods such as documentation, lengthy interviews and questionnaires with visitors. The outcome of this research proves the need for application of participatory approaches in Mediterranean cities.





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