Chitosan, Periodontitis, Infra bony defects


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Chitosan is a naturally derived polymer that has been investigated for its uses as a biomaterial for drug delivery and anti-inflammatory. Recently, chitosan applications in bone regeneration has gained distinct interest. The aim of this study was to. evaluate clinically and radiographically the healing of the periodontal infra-bony defects using chitosan gel in periodontitis patients .Material & methods: Twenty periodontitis patients with bilateral infrabony defects having stage II and Stage III periodontitis were selected according to the criteria of AAP (2017) classification system of periodontal diseases and conditions. Using split mouth design, 20 defects were treated using chitosan gel; while contra-lateral defects were treated by flap only. A total of 40 periodontal infra-bony defects. were randomly assigned for treatment. The clinical parameters included clinical probing pocket depths and clinical attachment levels. Standardized periapical radiographs were recorded at baseline and 6 months after surgery. Results: The results were statistically analyzed and clinical and radiographic data. revealed a statistically significant difference between Chitosan and control sites in the parameters investigated with a significant bone fills versus baseline measurements (P < 0.05).Conclusion: Chitosan gel showed promising benefit in the periodontal regeneration context among periodontitis patients.





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