Career development, HRM Practices, job performance, Systematic review


Architecture | Business | Engineering | Life Sciences


This paper intends to review a flow of previous literature on the antecedents of career development success over ten years, from 2008 to 2018. A systematic literature review has been employed to extract the constitution of literature. A total of 41 relevant articles have been extracted from 16 different top ranked journals. Drawing on the literature, a conceptual model is provided as a clear depiction of what has been studied. Specifically, dependent, independents, mediators, and moderators variables are determined. The systematic literature review identifies six main themes; leadership, organizational and individual commitment, talent management, human resources management practices, career management strategy, and learning and development, determining antecedents of career development success. Literature in this area have offered much attention to both of the Exchange Theory and the Social Learning Theory. The paper advances the career development literature by presenting one of the fewest attempt to systematically review antecedent of career development, with a conceptual framework.





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